Randomness Part II

by - 6:01:00 AM


Howdy peeps.
Are you doing well?
Hope so. If not, we're on the same boat.

Memandangkan umur aku menginjak ke umur yang bakal menjejaki alam kolej, universiti dan blabla maka lelama aku rasa cara pemikiran aku pun dah banyak berubah. I used to be hyperactive and extremely loud but everything changed, slowly, only time could tell. And now the fact that I hate cliche tu semakin menjadi-jadi. Hmm, entah apa-apa aku mengarut ni.

Maybe the super seniors also contribute to the change of my mindset a little bit lol.

So, di sini aku memuntahkan segala perkara random yang terlintas dalam kepala otak aku buat masa sekarang.

Firstly, I'm addicted to this new anime.

Ghost Hunt.

Not a famous anime, I think. Tapi cukup untuk menarik minat aku untuk tengok la.

BTW, am I the only one that eager to watch the second season of Haikyuu? Of course I will never walk alone, lol.

Secondly, the selca time.

During some occasion at school.

A night at Tower Regency Hotel.

During a trip at Kellie's Castle.

The mysteries of Kellie's Castle do intrigue me a bit, so I did some research when I return home back then. It turns out that everything pops out from Sheikh Google is THE same thing, maybe I'm suck at searching information or I need to dig it out from somewhere else.

Thirdly, Apink's comeback.

(You see, I'm a huge Pink Panda xD)

Aside from their title track (Remember), I'm freaking.completely.addicted to the other song in their new album, titled PETAL (꽃잎점). (fyi the song that's being playing right now if you didn't hit the pause button)

Lastly, target.

Well, yeah the school did targeted me and a few of my fellows for the Straight A's candidate in SPM and yeah, it's not shocking because me and that fellows are kind of well-known nerd lol.

It's like having a pride and burden at the same time.

I don't think I can achieve Straight A's as easy as the teachers think.

when the classroom is ours.

when our teacher is the top student.

and when this friend is playing games hahaha.

So, sampai di sini je aku mampu kot rasanya. After this, I'm gonna hiatus for a long time, long enough to find a part-time job, apply for Foundation and so on.

Till then. Wassalam and, xoxo.

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