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Countdown : 13 days more

Just a moment ago, I called my friends at MJSC just to keep in touch with 'em, or should I frankly admit that I missed them? Well, anything that has to do with it I guess.

We just had a simple talk about random things, moreover I don't wanna disturb them, they're kinda busy, it seemed. Anyway, it was a great pleasure that I had a good laugh with them, ya know, I kinda missed those moments.

After we ended the conversation, my mind keep replaying the same thought about... well, maybe I'm just being delusional, or I'm just overthinking too much. It was just...

Am I changed that much?

The more I think, the more I got scared.

Am I not being just as I used to be before?

What changed me?

Is it too obvious?

Who am I right now?

I am not the same person as before?

Oh goshhh just cool the kimchi down. Okay now it is obvious that I'm just overthinking, (slaps hard)

Honestly, even I myself can't tell who am I really. I don't know myself very well. No one knows. Only God knows.

Maybe I took their jokes seriously? Okay since when I'm being this pathetic (awkward laugh) Okay okay just stop it until here okay. It's past my bedtime already huhu.

Best luck~ XD

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