Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.


So, the day before yesterday I took a leave from this blog and try to finish reading this entire novel. I thought I wanna post this review yesterday, but whenever I try to online, there's always 'another person' who'll unsatisfied with me and try to cut off the internet connection. Don't need to mention who's that annoying person is. (Well he or she thinks that I'm wasting time, oh yeahh, absolutely right, I'm wasting time reading good stuffs and making reviews, thank you).

Title: Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Writer: Jessica Day George

Year: 2008

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale(retelling)

Synopsis: In the picture (I'm too lazy to type lol)


This story is by far fantabulous. The main protagonist doesn't have name, we just simply call her by 'the lass'. The storyline is good, the way the author describes the magical places, magical creatures and magical appearances itself is excellent. Even though I like to daydream, sometimes I don't understand or know about certain scenes or even things that was mentioned here, and I need to refer to my handy dictionary and Google to get a clear picture. Maybe because of some of the words are in Norsk, so that's why.

I love the setting. 'The place where the winter never ends'. I love winter. I love coldness. I could imagine the chill. 

And yeah, there might be a slight (or not-so-slight) of romance, however it didn't overshadowed the element of adventure in this story. We can learn the meaning of determination, as the lass was determined to take the risk of taking a journey to the east of the sun, west of the moon to free the one she loves, an isbjorn(a bear), her oldest brother, and her sis-in-law. In this story, we can also learn something that has to do the family bond as well.

Somehow, this story didn't make it to the best. Maybe because this story is lack of... thrill? Yeah, the adventure and the journey is good, but somehow it is still lack of thrill. Can't blame anyone though, because this story is based on fairy tale, and thus, it was targeted to all audience, kids, teens, adults or even oldies (sorry I forgot how to phrase 'old people' in other word, mind my language XP) 

The characters and characterisation (am I right? nahhh, it's my language) overall are good, their personality is okay, not that weak, not that strong. Somehow I wanna punch her mother because being so annoying and biased, and not even given the lass a name (poor her). Somehow I thought how wonderful the lass' life was, blessed with a caring brothers and sisters and father (though her mother wasn't that caring of her), her wish was granted by a white reindeer (that was believed to bring fortune) and somehow she lived in an ice palace. Oh well, fairy tale.

Yeah, it was satisfying if you wanna read something to cool your mind. Because you didn't have to think, well, you still have to think while you read this, because there's still mysteries whatsoever, but it was not that 'critical-thinking' because this story wouldn't blow you mind off. Just chill.



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  1. sounds like a good book, maybe our opinions would differ :) hey I write book reviews too! tak sangka jumpa geng bibliophile kat sini. btw happy new year!

  2. sis hana; yeayy glad to meet you too!

  3. macam best~ taste mcm lebih kurang je kte.. *chuckle*

  4. aien; haha yeke? tulah, taste kita agak tinggi, tapi kalau dah best memang kami layan XD