A Series of Unfortunate Events; Best Childhood Story

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Do you know A Series of Unfortunate Events? If you do, then you have a good childhood! Haha I'm joking. This story is by far, my most favorite after Harry Potter (ofc Harry Potter will be the first) So in case you don't know what I'm ranting about let me introduce to you.

This is the book series. Haha it actually have 13 series (if I'm not mistaken) can you imagine?

Now I'm in a mission of collecting the whole series. So far I have only one (sila gelak) because since my sis rarely bring me to MPH, that's why I have a hard time buying these books. (I can't find these series anywhere else beside MPH though)

Actually, how do I know about this story? Well, first, my childhood friend introduce to me at school. She brought the third series (The Wide Window), I say that I wanna borrow that book for awhile, and she gave me. My English is really terrible at that time, well, what do you expect from a 10-years-old English skill? Hahah. So, I could barely understand what the story is about, but I finished it btw.

Until I saw the movie 'iklan' on tv one day, I thought like 'Why the movie title sounds familiar?' then I was like 'Oh! It's the book that (her name) gave me!' And I was like really overjoy that  I'm telling everybody that I'm going to watch the movie no matter what. My sis kept asking me, 'What the hell is that?' and I'm like 'It's the story! The story I read last year! It was amazing! It has orphans and leeches and blabla...' haha guess how thrilled I was at that time.

Okay okay now I'm telling the synopsis in case you didn't know okay :D

Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are three intelligent young children who receive terrible news that their parents have died in a fire and have left them an enormous fortune not to be used until the eldest child is of age. When they are sent to live with Count Olaf, a greedy distant relative, they soon learn he is trying to steal their fortune for himself.

Yeahh, it's a children story you know. But, the Baudelaire orphans are PURE GENIUS. They're really cool. I wish I was as intelligent, smart, and brilliant as them :'(

Meet the villain Count Olaf. He's watching you.

The unfortunate orphans Sunny, Violet and Klaus Baudelaire.

I don't know what genre suits this movie, but I think, it's a gothic-comedy? gothic-fantasy? Something like that. The element gothic is a must, since the storytelling is not about a happy story after all. Well, you know, it's about the unfortunate events, right?

Well, at the beginning of this story, you'll be impressed by this quote.

I'm sorry to say that this is not the movie you will be watching.

The movie you are about to see is extremely unpleasant.

If you wish to see a film about a happy little elf, I'm sure there is still plenty of seating number in theater number two.

However, if you like stories about clever and reasonably attractive orphans, suspicious fires, carnivorous leeches, Italian food and secret organisation, then stay...

Then another word like,


What a greeting! This story makes me intrigue to know what was that so-called unfortunate events!

And from this movie, I can't help but adore this girl.

I mean, she's beautiful, right? She's that beautiful for such a young age. I wish I could be like her TT

I know that Violet is my most favorite character, but now that I realized Klaus and Sunny were also a strong character that pulled the story along too. Without Klaus, they would lack of knowledge. Without Sunny, they would lack of humor. And without Violet, they would lack of creativity.

Oh, I remembered I reviewed this movie when I was 11. Hahaha idk if it were considered as a review or not, because that entry is totally crappy and immature and childish and I cringed hard when I'm reading it again. If you wonder what it's look like, take a look here. I swear, it was crappy as hell! (I even mistook Violet as a researcher, not an inventor haha silly me)

You want to watch it? Luckily they are available online (wink) With English subtitles available, you can watch it here.

So, that's all the update by me. After this maybe I'll try to make reviews on books again. Toodles!

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  1. cite ni memang best . adik kecik tu paling comel sgt2 ! hehe

    1. kann? saya baru tahu casting adik kecik tu rupa-rupanya kembar

  2. suka jugak movie ni! tapi xtau pun dia ade book series. thanks for sharing this. maybe u can buy the book at mphonline

    1. eheh that's right! but i'm not familiar with online shopping huhu T.T

  3. * bookmark that link * eh-eh serious nampak macam best cerita ni :D haha time sekolah rendah nerd sangat. Lepas UPSR baru tahu kewujudan 'internet'. Tu pun sbab kawan2 sibuk dgn FB semuanya haha xD and I'm not that into movies but I'll try this one though :D because it isn't romance lol

    1. saya pon acah-acah nerd waktu sekolah rendah dulu haha XD saya banyak kena influence dengan abang dan kakak lol. yeahh absolutely no romance since ni cerita kanak2 haha

  4. samalah! I love this movie since 11.. hahaahahaha satu satunya watak olaf yg jahat XD

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH I've been looking for this movie for so long. Lots of love :'D <3

  6. hey, i watched that movie twice :D

  7. heard of the series but never read the book, watched the movie tho. I adore Violet too :) she's so beautiful!

  8. I love this movie too! I mean Violet is so damn beautiful & brilliant! <333

    1. me too! everybody will fall for her brilliance hoho XD