The Boy

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

As I promised, I'll make a review of the second movie we watched after The 5th Wave. Now it's time for a horror movie. (evil face)

Title: The Boy

Director: William Brent Bell

Language: English

Running time: 1 hr 37 min

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Rating: PG-13


Greta is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny in a remote English village, only to discover that the family's 8-year-old is a life-sized doll that the parents care for just like a real boy, as a way to cope with the death of their actual son 20 years prior. After violating a list of strict rules, a series of disturbing and inexplicable events bring Greta's worst nightmare to life, leading her to believe that the doll is actually alive.


Still with my terrible eyesight problem, I just let out my honest opinion based of what I understand from this story. First off, the scene sets in an abandoned village, which makes me recall back Death Silence, I think, the village gave the similar vibes to the deadly town. And omo, the Heelshire's manor, looks hauntingly interesting. (I even talk to my sis how beautiful and mysterious the mansion looks with such an excited voice, sorry to the nearby audience).

Greta was a woman with a dark past, I mean, not that dark, she's just had a little bit problem with her spouse, I guess, so that's why she went as far to England. She was hired to become a nanny to a young boy, but unfortunately, the boy she was going to take care of is actually a doll. That's insane, right? Who's in the world babysit a doll? At first, I thought Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire were nuts for considering the doll as their child, but as the story develops, I'm quite understand why they were that desperate.

After taking the full responsibility of babysitting the doll, the old couple left the house to... idk, somewhere. Greta was left with the doll to take care of, but she actually neglected her duties and not following the rules. Because of that, terrible and unexplained things started happening, until she has no choice but to look after the doll and obey the rules.

Actually, the storyline is pretty good, mysterious events, deaths, and the ending was unexpected. But this story still lack of certain things... I don't sure... this movie is not that scary, really. It has a lot of jumpscare, yeah, sometimes I might be shocked because suddenly 'that thing' appeared, but overall, it's just a normal jumpscare, and it doesn't give me the chill at all. And I find this story is more towards psychological than horror, I think.

I don't know, but I think this movie is typical. A normal horror story. But I might reconsider my words because the main actress is good at playing her role. Before you watch this, you might think there is a demon or evil soul inhabits the doll, but you would find your real answer right before the story ends...

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆

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