Nights of Seventh

by - 11:56:00 PM

 Through the varying shapes
  of the delicate clouds,
   a sad message 

of the shooting stars, 
a silent journey 
across the Milky Way, 
one meeting 
of the star-crossed souls 
amidst the golden autumn wind 
and jade-glistening dew, 
eclipses the countless meetings 
in the mundane world, 
the feelings soft as water, 
the ecstatic moment 
unreal as a dream, 
how can one have the heart 
to go back on 
the bridge made of magpies?

If the two hearts 
are united forever, 
why do the two persons 
need to stay together, 
day after day, 
night after night?

— Based on Qixi, chinese folklore.


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