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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I can't believe I left this blog unattended like this because of very frustrating reason. My annoying sister punya laptop rosak teruk and now she's taking over my laptop pulak aduihh. Lepas seminggu tak online akhirnya dapat jugak pegang laptop ni T . T

Anyway I got a tag from my fellow awesome blogger Iggy Igss and Raizah *sobs sobs* akhirnya ada orang baik hati hantar tag, terima kasih daun keladi, thank you very much, domo arigato! I've been waiting for so long!

1. Name

Though I'm known as 'YOO' here but this time let me be honest; my name is Adibah Syahzani, my close friends addressed me as 'Dibo' based on the cartoon 'Dibo the Gift Dragon' and I thought that nickname is cute somehow. 'YOO' is driven out from my Korean name Seo Yoo-jin (서유진). Now that I exposed it, guess you already know haha!

2. Age

By the time I write this, I am few months away before reaching the legal age, 18.

3. Best friends

I've quite a lot of friends but I'm still confuse whether I have best friends or not because I just... friends with everyone. I wonder if they ever thought me as their 'best friend' because I feel like my 'friendship' is kinda one-sided lol.

4. Relationship status

Single... in reality.
But developed an unhealthy crush on many celebrities~ :3
(Someone need a help)

5. Piercings you have

I pierced my ears when I'm in Grade 3. But currently I don't wear any piercing.

6. Piercings you want

Anything that is comfortable with ma ears.

7. Tattoos you have


8. Tattoos you want


9. Favourite blog

I don't have any particularly favourite blog... but I loves reading travel blogs, movie/book review blogs, yes any blog for short mwihihi and I love leaving comments because I'm friendly! -lol-

10. The meaning behind my URL

Umm... my url always changes time by time because I want to avoid from certain someone from stalking me.

11. Favourite band at the moment


12. Favourite movie

I love adventure, mystery and fantasy movies like Harry Potter series, Bridge to Terabithia, Chronicles of Narnia (1 & 2) and The Lord of The Rings. (imma huge fantasy fan)

Action and sci-fi movies like Worldwar Z, The Hunger Games series, Divergent and The 5th Wave.

And any horror movies.

13. A fact about my personality

I found out that I am 52% Introverted and 48% Extraverted. Does that makes me an ambivert?

14. What I hate most about myself

Sometimes I tend to be so negative... and sensitive. Overly sensitive.

15. What I love most about myself

Because of my sensitiveness, on the contrary, it allows me to find the detail that everyone'll miss, to remember the scenes that everyone'll forget.

16. What I want to be when I'm older

Someone useful. Maybe I'm not destined to be as useful as doctors, lawyers or other big jobs but I hope with the small billet I may have, I can do something to improve the current situation. Maybe it's not verbally, maybe it'll be in writing.

17. Idea of the perfect date

I tend to avoid this question because I often fight with my dream to something more logical but meh... I can't deny it I guess. Maybe watching the night's scenery from somewhere high e.g tower, hill, etc... enjoying the night's breeze, brushing my skin~ lel....

18. Thing I hate most

Cockroach!!! For God's sake, I hate cockroach out of all living things in the world! (runs)

19. Weakness

Is it the same as the thing I hate about myself? I repeat it again, overly sensitive.

20. Phobia

I think I have none.

21. What I hate most about school

I don't hate school... because I love to learn and meet friends :)
Just the pressure to study incredibly hard... I don't like the idea.

22. Things I find attractive in guys

Caring and humourous.

23. Biggest turn on


24. Biggest turn off


25. A random fact I know

"Otak burung unta lebih kecil dari matanya"

Please let me live skdjfksl I can't think of any random fact right now.

26. A quote I love my life on

It's not going to be easy, it's going to be worth it.

27. Something I need to get off my chest

I can't help but feeling misunderstood, everytime. *sobs*

28. A description of the person I hate and why I hate them

Insensitive and ignorant people, show offs, aggressively social people... they make me uncomfortable and I tend to stay away from them.

29. The last time I cried and why

I don't remember exactly when... but I did cry from watching a video either from YT or FB.

30. Looks or personality — why?

Personality (?) Because personality = originality. It overpowers all.

Tags; Anyone that informed by me at their shoutbox, you are more than responsible to answer this questions naa.

Assalamualaikum. Good night~

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  1. 18 makes me smile and 25 makes me laugh. Random fact tu macam kenal je. hahahahahaahahahahaah XD i love itt i'm 50% introvert and 50% extrovert. Real ambivert kan? Hahahahahahha

    1. Haha dah fakta tu yg terlintas dalam kepala XD wahh igss memang pure ambivert la gitu, manusia dua alam ><

  2. Dibo is shooo cute~ can i just call u Dibo if u dont mind? cause it sounds cuter than Yoo (to me) xP

    I'm sort of overly-sensitive too anyway!!! It's like i rlly care bout little things and sometimes think negative bout those O_o

    1. Of course you can, i don't mind XDD yes because of that I try to change so I wouldn't let the negativity consumes me, though it takes time :')

  3. ade kawan nama adibah jugak...panggil dia Debot. hehhe