DAY6 Moonrise (Gold Moon version)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It's been a long time since I updated, right? I intended to publish this unboxing post sooner, but well... This album arrived 5 months ago, but I just post the unboxing post now. LOL. Yes, it has been 5 months since this entry have been buried in my dungeon. No one can beat my lazy ass.

I received this album via PosLaju in 10 Feb 2018. That was the last day I live at home before going back to Bangi.

I bought this album from Kpop Downtown. The service was quite good, very fast. I received my album without any problem. Plus, they provide a free gift along with my album too :)

Track list:

(there are 5 tracks inside the album aren't listed above. It's only available in CD ONLY)

It was very hard to choose a favourite song out of this album because ALL. OF. THEM. ARE MY. FAVOURITE. All of the song was very good and uhh, how can you just choose one?

Nevertheless, the songs that have the special place in my heart are I Loved You, 남겨둘게 (I'll Remember) and 쏟아진다 (Pouring).

So here it goes, the preview of the album.

The front and back cover

all of the folded posters 💕

clear cover of the members and the moon 💕

the CD
(I played this using my laptop 💕 falling in love with all the tracks)

here's what it looks like when you emptying the album case. A beautiful moon 💕

the photobook

aren't they beautiful?

the lyrics 💕

this is basically... their credits? Most of this are about thanking everybody's that contribute to their album. (and Jae's tho, wow)

Do you wonder whose photocard did I get?

It was these two~ 💕💕

Oh my god I didn't expect to get Jae and YK anyway because most unboxing videos that I saw most of them got like Wonpil or Dowoon... and I was like "Okay... I didn't mind..." and it comes to a big shock to me when I got these two XD and both of them are my top bias! (especially YK yeeep 💕) I DIDN'T EXPECT TO GET HIM AT ALL BUT FINALLY... I WAS SOOO HAPPYYY~ AND BLESSED~

but guess what? I got another precious one too!

this is how the photocard look when I flipped it over... I GOT DOWOON effortlessly SKHSJDSKJDSKJS

this is the free gift I talked about lol. a lomo card of Jae 💕💕

So, that's all for tonight's album review. See you again~

best wishes, 

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