First week in KMK (phew!)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Believe it or not it's already a week passed since I live in KMK. And fyi I'm updating this using smartphone! I didn't bring my laptop and tablet here and the only thing I have now is this phone so guess I have no choice...

To my fellow Liyana Ismail that asked me for our past photos, maybe during Eid's holiday baru saya boleh sent kot. Lappy tiada di sini. Sobs.

The first day I came here was very exhausting. I came here from T Hotel Changlun like at 7am above and at that time the college entrance was already jammed with cars. After minutes of searching the parking, we went out to settle the registration at the library. Oh I wanna tell you, who knows if my junior read this (ahak) that you have to complete the registration BY YOURSELF okay. Your parents will not accompany you. They have to wait outside.

Reference book.

After completing the registration, we were allowed to go to the hostel and register our penginapan there (well another registration) but this time the queue there wasn't too long compared to the library one hehe. Then after I got the key, we started to bring all my luggage and stuffs to my room. Oh, I got room C1.T1.12, so-called blok Seri Laka.

So after that, there were many things to do, unpacking my things while my family attending taklimat ibu bapa at dewan, getting to know roommates, and then visiting my best friend at the next block. I thought I walked too much when my feet feels like it was going to break anytime.

The first whole week is full of orientation (because of our orientation week is on Ramadan so it was less tiring and more relax) and during this time we were going to get to know our LDK groups and mentor (kinda like homeroom system in MRSM). The orientation week ends with upacara penutup and then the next two weeks we have assimilation week pula.

During assimilation week, all we have to do is revising back SPM subjects, depends on the module you're chosen. Here, you can't pick the module by yourself, they will PUT you in the modules instead, based on your SPM results. Like me, I'm not good in Physics, so they put me in Module 3, which is known as Sains Hayat, with the subjects Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. However, if you're dissatisfied and wanna change the module, you're free to change it, don't worry. 😁

You don't have to worry so much about this and that before entering the college (hehe, like me) because for the first whole week you have taklimat and taklimat and taklimat that can really make you understand how this matriculation system works. You just need to focus to what the felo is saying during taklimat, that's all.

So, I stopped writing for now okay because my phone battery is only 38% left hahaha. I'll try to explain another thing in the next entry. Currently I'm still in my first week of assimilation week, before moving to the second and THE REAL KULIAH haha. I can't wait for Eid holidays. Please come on soon. Huhu. 😪

I'm always at the right. If you know what I mean. Huhu.


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  1. Hai awak :) Good luck matriks..

  2. tahniah dah masuk Matriks. kakak dlu Module 3 jugak .. ^^ belajar rajin-rajin . hee~

  3. i started to miss my matrics when i read your post.Btw,enjoy your matrics life dear and good luck in your study! :)

  4. I really enjoy all of your entries, dibah! I didn't expected that you still blogging until now ✌ really miss you in smktd ❤ stay healthy sweety! *virtual hugs* much love from atikah fairuz ((if you still remember me)) 😂

  5. Good luck in your study! Plan your time well and youre doing fine :)