I'm staying optimist.

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I can't believe it's already a month passed since I was here in KMK. I felt a bit relieve because the life here is not so packed like when I was in Mrsm Langkawi before. We have our free times after our class ended at 4pm (sometimes 5pm) but guess what, it's okay for me because now in college we didn't have preps class and so on. So I'm very grateful. I'm used to an extremely heavy schedule so that's why I didn't feel bothered by this one.

And hello people, I'm back at blogging! Idk, I have less time to blogwalking nowadays because we have tons of assignment to finish so... through this month, idk, I faced a lot of things despite being here for just a month! So we have like nine months to go? Well, I can do this. I can handle it. Not a big deal. (pat my own shoulder) ~The perks of a youngest child trying to be strong~

And recently I've been rooting for this rookie group NCT (before they were SM Rookies). Well my bias is Johnny! Idk how I fall for him *cough* *cough* I didn't even know him before though I know what is SM Rookies. Though Taeyong is very attractive but he's too famous and fab to be my bias hohohohoh. And now I'm trying to spread my 'illness' to my close friends and thank goodness they too fall for it HAHA. I'm glad being the one who started it all HAHAHA yeahh good jobb Yoo XD I will continue to search for the other victims too so one thing I wanna say is BEWARE muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahah okay that's exaggerated XP

Go check them out! They are SUPER DUPER ATTRACTIVE it makes me embarrased to put their pics here (hide behind toilet door) (eh) (why toilet door?)

Oh yeah, I forgot something. Before, I posted on Ig that I wanna make a review for Now You See Me 2. Goodness, I forgot! Now I'm not kinda in the mood to make any reviews so maybe later when I'm back to my home sweet home I'll try to update about it huhu.

So, what happened to me here these past three weeks was... idk, it's hard to describe. All I know is how nervous it was like, going to class where there was an unfamiliar lecturer teaching us and so on. Freshman issues (acewahhh). At first, I'm not quite fond with them because they appeared to be like 'garang' and so on. Later, as time passed by, I'm getting used to it and it's not really a big deal. I hope I didn't make silly mistakes that'll make them furious at me. Be alert, Yoo! You don't have time to day-dreaming for now!

My goal should be this clear. Yukendoit Yoo!

And I getting closer to my classmates (yeayyy!) Though I appeared extroverted at first, during our first second week here, but at last it feel like my introverted side is starting to show up a lil bit now. Maybe because now is the time, to feel socially exhausted. I can be social, but after a long time, I will be tired of it and yeah, being introvert. To talk and meet and to deal with a lot of people is draining my energy you know. So that's why I chose to keep quite and be introvert for now. I need my own time.

Umm, so that's all I wanna update for now. Lack of idea and time huhu. I know my posts are getting boring and boring everyday but meh... no one stopping me from expressing my feelings, right? Readers, thank you so much for reading my entries and leaving comments, despite that I didn't reply to them because you know, your comments all left me speechless. Speechless because there's still someone out there who are concerned about me, idk, I feel so appreciated. Though they are not as many comments as yours, (wink) but still, thank you. Now I'm trying to stay optimist. Like my bias JOHNNY, HAHAHA! (tetiba) And though you're not leaving any comments, please accept my appreciation for reading this. ;3

best wishes, 

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    Hi ... Anda telah ditag ... Pencarian bloglist CikJaja bagi Apr dan May ...Jom join sama, meriahkan lagi suasana...

  3. being optimistic makes us feel better..

  4. Annyeong! OMG I like your blog! Remember me? Hahahahaha.. It's okay to be introverted and it's okay to be extroverted. Either way as long as you be who you are then you're gonna be just fine :D igs tukar link tau.. do visit :) http://wolfenol.blogspot.my/