First Half Semester of Degree in Computer Science

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Assalamualaikum and Hyee ^^

Believe it or not it is mid-sem already! Time sure flies very fast huh -.- Putting the exams and assignments aside (lol), I have tonnnnnnnnnss of things to write about, well basically about my life. Oh well this blog used to be my personal space to blab blab blab blab isn't it? Mind my manner, yeah.

I think I will split my post into two parts, this one generally focused on my course, Computer Science, while the other one, the upcoming one will be about UKM overall. Lelll can't believe I've been much more organized since I've been there heol.

My course, Computer Science, is under FTSM (stands for Fakulti Teknologi dan Sains Maklumat). There is another courses from this faculty too, like Information Technology(IT) and Software Engineering (which again divided by two, SEIS[Information System] and SEMM[Multimedia] ) Noted that different universities are using different approaches of learning, and not all the things I'll write later implies to all. This is so far from my own perspective, as a UKM student.

So, what did we learn for this semester?

Basically we are learning maths. Especially Discrete Maths, Statistics and Probability. We learn programming too, of course (what's computer science without programming?) and Operating System (OS) like Linux. Unlike matriculation, (for those took Sains Komputer during matrik) will usually use C or C++, but here, we are taught to program using Java, specifically Eclipse. I admit I had a few difficulties in adapting into Java, but so far I managed to make it, averagely. I just need a few practices so I can be as competent as my buddies T_T

I want to advice for those who are interested in taking this course, you need to know the basics of coding first. Because knowing the basics will help you a lot. But I think that is not necessarily though, I have some classmates who are STPM leavers/didn't take Computer Science subjects in school, but still 'perform' in programming class. So, yeah, practice makes perfect.

Also, YOU NEED TO HAVE A LAPTOP. It's okay if it's not yours (for example, two of my friends use their sister's) but at least you need to HAVE IT. This is because, most of the time, we will be dealing with computer (guess what course we areee) and we will install Java and Virtual Box in your laptop. Why? For future assistance, maybe.

Oh, I forgot to mention that for the first 3 weeks here, for programming classes, we will learn a lot about Turtle Graphics. You know, making graphics from codes. Usually, during my matriculation time, we are using C++ to produce the output like counting averages, find the area, calculate total sum and stuffs like that, but here, we are using those codes to make graphics instead! Wuuuu~

Don't worry, it's not that hard. It's actually very fun and it's also the easiest to program compared to what we'll learn afterwards (which is the complicated problem solving T_T )

So, this is the main subjects taught during Semester 1:

1. Computer Programming
(the one we're learning Java and Turtle Graphics)

2. Discrete Mathematics
(mostly logic, sets, functions and stuffs)

3. Platform Technology
(the one we're learning Operating System like Linux)

4. Statistics and Probability

5. System Thinking and Concepts
(idk about this one, kinda like 'Kemahiran Berfikir?')

If you are interested in knowing what we'll learn for Semester 2, 3, 4, 5 and afterwards, you can look it up HERE.

Usually, lecturers will provide Lecture Notes, as usual, from the portal iFolio. But, if you feel that you still can't understand the Lecture Notes given, well, what's the function of internet, or............. library?

bila lagi boleh bajet nerd kan >,<

Every beginning of semester, we need to register our courses via SMPweb/online. For those who are going to be freshman here, no worries. Everything will be given during taklimat MJM.

What is MJM? (Minggu Jalinan Mesra)

Usually MJM will proceed after orientation week a.k.a MMM (referring my previous post) anddd it will happen for a week. During this time, we will be given 'taklimat' about our courses, subjects, and stuffs. Explorace happens in this week too, so be prepared >,<

Special Interest Group (S.I.G)

S.I.G is kinda like 'kelab/persatuan' when we were in primary/secondary school before. Well, here, we didn't call it kelab persatuan anymore. The difference is, this groups is more specifically towards anything related to technology and computers. I don't know if other faculties have S.I.G too, as far as I concerned, only FTSM have this thing.

Which club I joined in? I joined NUMOSS (National University of Malaysia Open Source Society)

Is it fun in FTSM?

Of course it's fun! Despite kena turun naik bukit dari Za'ba ke FTSM (FTSM is near to my college, KPZ) and despite tak minat maths (I thought I can run away from maths once saya jejak degree but mehhhhh) but it's fun actually, maybe not COMPLETELY fun but still, I don't know how to say but I like programming, eventhough it become more and more difficult by time. I prefer dealing with machines/computers than dealing with people imo.

Our faculty is kinda small compared to other faculties, but fret not, the facilities here are quite good too. Besides lecture halls, labs, lecture rooms and tutorial rooms of course, there is a mini library here and innovation centre, a comfortable place to revise since there are sofas, pillows and more. Surau pun wajib lah ada hahaha. I used to stay at surau for some time after class ends, untuk mencari ketenangan katenya >,<

So, that's all for now. Will continue more personally about my life there in the next entry. See you in part 2!

best wishes, 

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  1. Bestnya belajar Java.. I learnt c++ before in matriculation, but when I continue my degree i need to learn c++ again T.T

    1. Kawan saya dari U lain pun still guna C++ huhuhu. Dun worry saya prefer C++ over Java sebab senang, tapi Java boleh guna untuk program banyak benda... hmm dua2 ada pros and cons dia.

  2. saya plajar Computer Science juga....bidang Bioinformatik :)

  3. i think those who study comp sc are so cool.