Movie Review; Histeria (2008)

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Movie title: Histeria

Year / Genre / Language: 2008 / Horror / Bahasa Melayu


Histeria is a horror film about six female students attending a supposedly haunted school. As part of a prank, they pretend to be hysterical and are so convincing that the school calls in a "bomoh" to “cure” them. However, they soon find themselves faced with some truly mysterious occurrences and a series of grisly deaths that could either be caused by supernatural forces or by one of the girls themselves.


3.9 / 5

A classic "Friday the 13th" with Malay elements!

To be honest, I am rewatching this movie again after 10 years! I remembered 10 years ago, I asked my sister to take me to the cinema cos this movies was already out! I'm very, very, enthusiastic during that times because I was already rooting for this film even before the official release because I happened to stumble upon their "behind the scene" on TV.

Yes, my 10-years-old me was very advanced, because I got exposed to the internet pretty much early than most of my friends hihi. No offense nau.

And watching this again after 10 years really brings back. It was like a nostalgia lolol.

What I gotta say is, well, the storyline and the dialougues are very simple, yeah. It's not as ~fancy~ as most of the horror movies right now, of course, but it's still a good classic urban legend horror stories (gitu).

Yes, this story is about your typical high school girls who are looking for trouble for summoning the demon and pranking everyone in the school to the point they got punished for their action - they need to stay in the school's dorm for 3 days during their school term break.

And another thing is, it was a stupid decision to take "something" that was not yours.

And another stupid decision is to ask "Who's there?" when there was totally, literally, no one there. Don't ask for trouble.

To be honest, there was a lot of stupid decision here and there in the movie but meh, I'll just let it slide.

The ending is kinda expected though, but it's still okay.

Liyana Jasmay was really cute, she really looked like a school girl back then. And this also brings back when I was really rooting for Scha Alyahya, Yana Samsudin and so on.

Oh, memories. Can't believe most of them are already becoming mothers now.

Yes, a lot of blood. Cruel death. Betrayal. Girls. Mental disorder. Yeah.

This movie is not great. But still good.

Just keep your expectation low and you find yourself enjoying it.

best wishes, 

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