Movie Review; Lovely Rivals (2004)

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Movie title: Lovely Rivals / 여선생 vs 여제자

Year / Genre / Language: 2004 / Comedy / Korean


At a small school, that's slowly losing its teachers, a new teacher, Kwon Sang Chun, takes up a position. Suddenly, there's trouble as a young female student and her female teacher begin to compete for his affection, though there seems to be more to it than it seems.


3.8 / 5

A good comedy of teacher vs. student!

Idk why but, these days, I'm more inclined on re-watching the film that I used to watch when I was kid. I watched this film when I was 6, on Astro BoxOffice Movies (now that this channel are already gone from Astro). Yes, I pretty much have a good memory to recall back all the movies that I had watched when I was young, and with my extra stalker skill I easily found it lol.

I remember how excited I am to enter school (because at that time, I didn't start school yet, I remind you I was 6) because this movie setting was at a school. It must be nice going to school, meeting new friends, yada yada. While, eventually, meh.

I didn't really have any comment regarding anything else because overall, this movie was cleverly plotted and so on. You have your obnoxious self-involved teacher feeling insecure about her student's interaction with the handsome transfer teacher in that school, a girl who was isolated because of her "cocky" behaviour, a heart-warming tale about family in your lives, and what it takes to have a healthy and good relationship between a teacher and your fellow students.

Ah. Perfect movie to watch with all your family.

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