DAY6 Shoot Me (Bullet ver.)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It's been awhile since I have done unboxing, right? Actually this album arrived home when I was in Indonesia, and yes my mother was the one fetching it from abang PosLaju hahaha. Talk about awkward moment. Luckily my mom does not mind that much.

Back when DAY6 did Shoot Me comeback, I contacted sis Allia via DAY6Malaysia to pre-order this album. It is my first time contacting her though, and she is very cool and nice. I ordered the unsealed one, hahaha I don't know why, I am not that picky in getting whoever photocards, but well, I just did it. Alang-alang, select bias terus la. And I did not regret it muhahhahaha, I get two of my bias once again ><

Big thanks to sis Allia for her hardwork! And sorry it takes a lot of time to reveal this unboxing hahaha me being the laziest bum ever.

So, let's get into it.

Album Sampler / Tracklist:

Okay, what I gotta say about their song is... it is quite different than the one that they used to produce before. If the titles in Moonrise album are mostly like, soft rock, in this album, they go to the real rock, hahaha I don't know how to explain, I don't have any musical knowledge, yeah... it's the kind of vibe you can get from "I Wait" and "How Can I Say".

And they still hold the reputation of having no bad songs at all in their album. Well done, DAY6. Well done (claps claps)

Out of all the great songs which are steadily climbing my favourite lists, the songs that I immediately fall in love from the first time hearing it is Talking To and Somehow.

how it looks like after opening the bubble wraps

the pop-up stand

I'm experimenting the stands but it's not very stable so...

here is how the stand literally looked like

now let's get to the CD ^^

tracklist in the back

now we're getting at the little stuffs they had

this sticker reminds me of my childhood lellll

now we're getting at the photocards ^^ guess who did I get?

It's no longer a surprise aight? It's Young K and Jae 😁

the back of the photocards. The hangul one written on Young K's literally meant "My Days, be happy today" it's literally the same with the one under it anyway

now moving to the clear card

it's so tiny

it's like the one in Moonrise but the different is we get all of the members there but only a member here

here are how tiny it is XD

now the photobook ^^

front cover

I will skip some of the pages though, please bear with me


the back cover

Maybe next time if I ever bought their album, I will consider opting the unsealed one pulak hehe. Baru ada surprise.

So, that's all for my unboxing entry. Toodles!

best wishes, 

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  1. I'm also being addicted to 'Somehow'. I can play that song repeatedly throughout the day

    1. right right? I'm glad 'Somehow' receive so much love!