Movie Review; Munafik 2 (2018)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Movie title: Munafik 2

Year / Genre / Language: 2018 / Horror / Bahasa Melayu


Two years after the tragedy from the first movie, Ustaz Adam returned back to be a preacher and continued his responsibility to help the people affected by black magic. However, Adam is still haunted by Maria's death and often visited by "someone" who often questioned his faith. At the same time, across the village lived a woman named Sakinah and her daughter, Aina.

Sakinah lived with her father who had a mysterious illness. The situation that they had put her on pressure and she and her daughter have been disturbed several times by the demon, believed Abu Jar's doing. Abu Jar was the one responsible for all his false teachings to the villagers.

Abu Jar uses black magic to attack all who does not follow him. This forces Sakinah to search for help, and Ustaz Adam agreed to assist. The arrival of Ustaz Adam to the village brings anger to Abu Jar. Adam was not only surprised by what happened to the Sakinah, but also with the false teachings of Abu Jar who deflected the faith of the Muslims in the village.


5 / 5

Please note that I am in no way good at reviewing things professionally, and don't expect something critical from me.

If you don't mind spoiler, keep reading.

Cik Pana Burger asked me to accompany her watching this movie, as I have nothing else to do, of course I accepted her offer haha.

This type of movie is suitable for all ages, that's a good thing.

This movie is more to a 'jumpscare' and 'ghastly' horror, it's not an 'eerie' horror, what I meant by eerie here is more to the smooth and step-by-step horror development. The beginning of this movie is already scary haha. Nonetheless, this story is scary enough to make me feel really uneasy throughout the film.

And I admit I couldn't watch the ghosts' face most of the time because either I closed my eyes or cover my face. It's so terrifying hahaha. I'm afraid I will get nightmares from seeing those faces. But I still continue watching this movie because I am curious about the storyline, and how it ends.

The one I couldn't forget is the Indonesian ghost one. I kept thinking of her everytime I was alone, somehow I still can recall back her voices and her appearance, personally I think she's the scariest. Most of my friends said the pocong one was scariest but unfortunately I closed my eyes during that scene so I really can't tell haha. Excuse my cowardness.

This is random but, can you believe my friend's seat and my seat are the only occupied seat in that row? I mean, we chose the middle seats from that row, and the seats besides us are all empty. EMPTY. We were the only humans on that row gosh. Luckily the seats behind us were occupied. But the seat in front of us were empty so, everything that comes on the screen is so clear haha.

Okay, back to it again. The plot twist. Yes, I did expect 'that person' must have something to do with Abuja since the beginning, it's just my hunch you know, I have a sharp sense. But I don't have a concrete proof to call them out, so I just follow the story until everything was finally revealed, and the conclusion is, believe your instinct.

There are some scenes and dialogues in this movie that literally make me cry. The one when Adam begged and prayed to Allah when he was badly tortured. I can't really type it here, because I'm not good at expressing my feelings, but it was really touching and heart-breaking. It just went deep inside my heart, you know, the feels. I don't usually cry when I watched people prayed to Allah, desperately, in dramas, eventhough how incredibly sincere it seems, but this one, THIS ONE, really hits me hard like a brick.

There is this scene when Adam's father begged Abuja to release Adam, but Adam insisted "Don't beg to him, father. Beg to Allah, for He is the Most Merciful." The dialogue was not like that, I'm just making it up because I can't remember, but it does sound nearly like that. And that dialogue is my favourite so far.

The lessons are successfully delivered. Even the cinematography are brilliant. At least for me.

So, that's it. Did I consider of rewatching this again? I don't know. When I feel like I'm back at being strong again, then maybe I will.

best wishes, 

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  1. finally, i got to watch this movie yesterday and the seats were pretty fully-occupied tho (bcs in my hometown we dont have cinema). haha i saw this post in the reading list a past few days but i avoided myself from reading it. btw i agree with you, it's literally made me cry too. they actors and actress made a good job. but i dont like the jumpcare huh, too much sound effect, especially when the abuja's 'assistant' slapped maya karin hahaha.

    1. yes the casts did an amazing job tbh and I'm not fond of their jumpscares and sound effect too! thankfully I don't have a weak heart

  2. i didn't even get to watch this due to time constraints and loads of works. sob sob

    1. aww sis :'( hope everything goes well for you.