Obsession or Interest?

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I came here after watching a snippet of Hello Counselor and guess what, I can relate to this case very very much that I thought I want to make an entry to ramble about it.

Okay, firstly, when I heard about her problem, I thought, "Ehh, what's wrong with liking a lot of groups?" It is nothing out of ordinary, it seems pretty normal to me. As a fan of many groups, I don't understand why liking a lot of groups concerned her that much. I understand if she feels like it is a "taboo" to like such groups, especially k-pop groups, (well it's been something people like to "judge" over here too), but that don't deserve her concern to be honest.

About her sister hiding the remote control, well, I used to do that when I was young too to be honest lol. Especially when I want to watch my favourite cartoon till the end, and I don't want any of my family members to disturb and switch the channel while I'm enjoying my show so that's why I'm hiding it. But nowadays I rarely watch tv because meh, I have youtube lel. So yeah, I ain't that desperate to watch tv now.

But my view started to change when she mentioned her sister spent about $200-$300 a month for albums, lightsticks and stuffs. What in the world? And when her mother accidentally ripped the ice cream wrapper thingy, gosh can't her sister just let it slide? IT JUST A WRAPPER, not a holy moly sacred face in the world. No need to yell at your mother, girl! It's your mother's money anyway that bought the ice cream and your albums and stuffs. That is really ungrateful. I used to get angry at my mom too because I like the cekodok that she makes rather than the one she buy. I said the one that she bought is tasteless, I insist of eating only my mom's handmade cekodok. It sounds lame hahah because at that time I was just 8 or 9. Okay what cekodok have to do with this.

And sometimes I do yell at my mother because my mother told me to yell because she can't hear me sometimes so yeah.

p/s: I feel bad for Chansung though haha! 2PM are still relevant till now, no worries ehe.

"When fans get in a fight, I don't know whose side to take."

Girl I can relate that to the spiritual level. I don't take sides and I don't even fight, sipping tea and watching are more enjoyable.

And when they touched about her family members' birthday though, wow, that's really new. At least I don't forget my family members' birthday though.

And somehow when she pointed out her sister's habit at home, I can't help but feeling somewhat exposed too. Locking yourself in your room, it's not really a bad thing, isn't it? I like to do my own things without disturbing anyone. Did she just called me out? Duh. I still come out to eat though. And watch tv with my family. Eat pizzas or dominos together. Accompany mom and bro to Mydin. "Membawang" with my mom. At least I'm not completely like her. Is this one of "the youngest child" isssue?

And when her sister spoke up about her conflict, aww, I can relate to her sister very very much. It's just a misunderstanding among the family members. Her family members cannot understand her interest, that's why she secluded herself. No one in her family could relate with the things that makes her happy. They cannot brain why she need to be weird and obsessed over something like that. To tell the truth, my family is the same. I tend to seclude myself sometimes because yeah, I have no one to share my interest with. "That" things they hate was actually keeping me company when I'm really, really, need emotional support, it's the only comfort I can get without burdening them, yes they don't understand it. I don't blame them. I don't blame anyone. It just... yeah. It sucks.

Now, I'm already getting over it gradually and live my life like I should.

Yeah, I'm still spending my time with my family, eating together, no I don't watch videos while eating (unless I eat alone).

She's too introverted to the point of not talking to any of her relatives. Wow. She likes a mirror to the past me. I used to be like that, but now I'm not anymore. I kinda can feel her, it's just because nobody could relate to her. Nobody could relate to her in any way. I kinda understand. And the other sister (the one that in college) speaks well too. She is more mature in her words, and thanks to her clear explanation we got to know why her sister was behaving like that.

What I can conclude now so far is she is literally at that age and stage. The "rebellious" teenage stage. At that stage you are literally surrounded by negative thoughts and you are somewhat putting a "wall" to defend yourself from anyone that will attack your values. I know once she grow up and become more wise, she will just become normal again, because that is how it is with me. Alhamdulillah, I had long gotten over that stage and find new interest and things to do, thanks to the opportunity of meeting new and nice people. My relationship with my family members could not get any better, everyone is already grown up.

And what I can conclude from her attachment to idol groups is... kinda like obsession. Her interest in idol groups turned into obsession when she realized that only those things she could really depend into. I am a fan of idol groups myself too. But I am not obsessed with them. I do buy albums sometimes, after contemplating so, so, much and calculating everything. I don't buy lightsticks, because I realized I'm broke as hell. Everything she did is actually normal idol fan did, but to the point of disrespecting your mom and family, that, is not normal.

I am not expecting her to change right after this show airs, but actually when she grows up she will eventually learnt everything. She is not that typical problematic girl, I think she is actually a nice girl, but she is actually closing herself from anyone. I can relate. I used to close my mind and thought that my views and opinions won't ever ever change even after I'm turning adult, but after you gain some sense and stepped into the real world, of course your personal views will change. I am really, really, grateful because I changed a lot, from such a negative person the the one I am right now. I believe, the change will take place, of course, the only thing is, it requires time.

Anyway folks, cherish your family ^^

best wishes, 

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  1. I didn't watch the video but based on your points, I can relate to some of it.

    I think I was obsessed once with one group as well. Thankfully, my obsession did not cross any line. And most importantly, thankfully I only discovered K-pop after SPM. Otherwise, I may have flunk my SPM. lol

    1. ikr, being attached to K-Pop during SPM is quite dangerous hmm.


  2. everything was fine until how much money she has spent and didnt remember her family's birthdays. i think youre right about the rebellious teenage stage but its kinda too much for her family until she needs to lie to get some money and cusses to her younger sister. i am a kpop fan too and since i was 15, i wanted to buy lightsticks but i was too broke so i just waited until i could afford it. it is not about the interest of kpop idol, but the behaviours kinda reflects too much. hahaha its okay to love kpop as long as dont go too far especially about respecting our family :)

  3. I'm a kpop fans myself since i was 13. i never buy any official merch because i was too broke until i'm 20 i got myself to attend a concert here in malaysia. it was a though journey but i won't put my family aside.

    1. woahh you are so lucky to be able to attend concert T.T
      yes family is no.1 priority no matter what :)