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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

It has been two weeks since I came back to my college and since I am not getting busy yet, I still have time to update, about my life, my thoughts, and what ever comes up to mind before I disappear again hoho.

I am already on my first sem of my second year in faculty. Wow it is already second year, and that's mean the next sem, I will have to choose 'pengkhususan' from my CS major. There are five of it, Software Technology, Intelligent Machine, Network Technology, Knowledge Technology, and Applied Data Science. I think Intelligent Machine are known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) before. Though AI seems interesting, I'm afraid I can't carry it haha. It's all about robots, Arduino, imitating humans brain and stuffs.

Even though I am majoring in Computer Science, but I still love Biology. I am completely opposite to my brother, I prefer Biology instead of Physics. Eventhough I got the highest mark in Physics once, (after studying like crazy robot because I'm disappointed in my result, gosh those were the days) but still, Biology still holds a special place in my heart (it sounds a little dramatic?) I love learning it despite being the hardest subject to score during SPM and matriculation days.

Angan-angan saya, angan-angan je ni, I would like to further my master study in Bioinformatics or Health Informatics. Kalau ada rezeki la. Why? Because both Biology and Computer Science are involved there. It sounds scary too at the same time, with both being a wide field of study, I'm afraid it is beyond my capabilities. Tapi itulah, kita hanya mampu merancang. Only He knows what the future holds. For now, it is still just a dream. I know everything cannot be as smooth as I thought, so, that is why it just stays angan-angan.

Back to CS, maybe I will choose Applied Data Science for my track? One of my friends said Data Science seems hard, but I don't know. I think all of the courses are hard actually. For now, I am torn between Network or DS, but DS seems intriguing because it involves the process of making information from given datas. You can predict the future too, via statistics. Kinda like Arithmancy lol. I know that sounds funny, nobody can predict future, predicting outcome is more likely, but I don't want this entry to sound too serious haha.

Nevertheless, I believe that He had planned everything for me beautifully. I still remember back in my school days, I would imagine myself taking health sciences related courses once I would enter university, but here I am, taking the completely opposite course. Back when UPU results were announced, I got both TESL and Computer Science. But at that time I was not confident about being a teacher, so I choose Computer Science, because I thought this course are all about interaction with machine, thus lesser interaction with humans. 

But what do you expect. Once you are a student, you need to interact with humans no matter what lol. But if I am not where I am now, it will probably be different, and I can't imagine a different situation than the one I'm in now. I am truly, truly grateful.

Okay, all of the above paragraphs are written previous two weeks, and was saved in my drafts for quite some time haha. Starting here, I'm continuing another story.

Right now, softball practices already started. I have an average catching skill but terrible batting skill haha. That's why I volunteered to take care of my college softball bat because I want to practice in my room by myself. I lack a lot. I need more practice.

But, judging my batting skill from the first time I played softball (Form 5), I guess that I improved a lot. It will be quite ambiguous if I'm not improving by now. And, I think that, for now, it safe to say that I am one of softball athlete. I used to get insecure and intimidated by other players easily but now, I have gained confidence. I just realized and learnt that, after all this time, all that I need is only confidence. Confidence, is an easy word to say, but to gain one is very, very, very, hard.

If you wonder what position I played, it's center fielder (CF).

I just bought some softball stuffs online since right now I'm really, really engrossed in that sport. After all, I was pumped up after watching several sports anime hehe. Can you imagine, after 3 years involved in softball, I didn't even have my own softball glove. All this time, I depends on the college's courtesy to lend us their gloves.

And the practices going to be hard with the rainy seasons now hew.

Last year softball team ⚾

I think I will make another entry specially dedicated to my softball experience, and how I was involved with it at first place, how it completely influence me and how it immediately becomes one of my favourite sport. I don't want to write it here since it is going to be a looong story.

Another story is I want to decorate my study desk nicely so I feel more excited to study haha. For now, all I have on my desk are printers, stationary and stuffs. I need to buy stationary cases and some boxes to sort everything out so it wouldn't be a total mess. If only I can decorate it as pretty as this entry thumbnail haha.

after we done BBQ at Tasik Kejut.

Mai's birthday 🎂

So, that's all for my boring update. Nothing much has happened, everything just the same as ever, actually not really, there's a lot of change and new feelings I faced for the past four weeks here, but I thought it was not worth mentioning because it's not that important. So that's all for now. Back to finishing my assignment. See ya.

best wishes, 

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  1. Hope you'll get to decide whatever that is best for you ^^