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Assalamualaikum, Hi I'm back to blog again! God knows how hard I need to fight the laziness to do things this semester break, for me to bother my pitiful blog that needs her author's love, such an accomplishment to even TYPE because
I am that lazy.

It's already a month passed 2019 and let's keep my resolution to myself because no one cares (okay kidding, but eh, not really) because it's a bit personal though and I don't think sharing it publicly will bring any odds anyway. Let's improve gradually and just let people to find it out by themselves. If they do find out. Well.

It's been a long ride for the last semester and I cannot even imagine the remaining semesters to come. But for now I'm not going to ramble about it, I'm going to cut it short and make another ramble post when I feel like it.

To recap my 2018, here are some fragments of what I can remember:

1. Grieving over softball

I did not make the cut for the softball team this year. No I'm not sad, um maybe yes, I'm a bit sad, but most importantly I was a bit... taken aback? I don't know why I took this so personally, but yeah. You cannot improve your flaw in just a short amount of time, didn't you? I must noted that first. I don't even have basics in softball when I first started in Form 5. But I do enjoy throwing and catching softball balls. Maybe I just didn't meant for a serious team.

Thanks to those seniors, I've learnt my lesson. I didn't have talent in softball. Thanks to lot of them. I learnt that the next year, if I'm not going to make the cut again, I already know why.

Oh, I wish. Suddenly I missed my volleyball and basketball buddies back in Langkawi. That sport seems more welcoming compared to softball, maybe because I have the basics and more confidence in that game.

Me and my teammates for Akhwat's Sports Day.
I do take part in basketball and handball.

Maybe I should view the sports as something to make me stay active and healthy. No serious team. Because there are lot of people who were born with that talent, and there's no end to them, maybe God gifted me with another talent instead.
Yes, I am consoling my broken heart here. Don't judge.
*secretly sobbing*

2. From designer's table

I took "Asas Reka Bentuk Grafik" as my citra course last semester because I am interested in designing graphics. Guess what, yes, my skill isn't improving that much.

I can only make medium quality, an average graphic design. It wasn't because I'm not creative, it's just because I am that lazy.

A really good graphics aren't born overnight, you know.

Here are something that I volunteered to design for another projects outside my graphic design class to boost my insecurities. lol.

A promotional poster for my SIG club

Even the lunch coupon, I tried to design it nicely.
(and since it was printed on pastel pink and yellow papers, it turned out pretty!)
yes I'm proud of myself hehet. even though it's just a little lunch coupon.

A poster for my group's HCI project.
Okay this turned out to be bad than I was expecting, but we turned it in anyway because we running out of time at that moment.

My CD design for advanced database project.
Not really my design, to be honest.
The background template were from somewhere in the internet.
I just edited the text.
I know, the background is pretty, but the text are not located properly.
Because I did this last minute before it is due. Duh~

How my CD and its cover turned out before I turned it in.

3. Fandom events and meet ups

I went to a few cupsleeve events and meet-ups for NCT, DAY6 and IZ*ONE.

DAY6 DVD Viewing Event.
I am hidden in the crowds of My Days.

I came there with Yam, someone I just met at the street and also searching for the same venue.
We both lost on the way to the place haha.
But yeah we found it anyway thanks to the courtesy of Google Maps.

I also met Angelily, an author I follow at Asianfanfic.
She was really, really happy (and probably shocked) that somebody recognizes her.
Of course she didn't expect someone who used to read her EXO's fanfic would show up at DAY6 event.

At first I am hesitating whether to say hi to her or not.
Because I do recognize her, but I'm still contemplating.
I asked Yam, and she just like "Just go and greet her~ I'll wait!" and I was like, umm... I'm not sure...
But I did it!
And she was very glad that I approach her.
Although it was very sudden. Hehe.
*mumbles* I'm not good at approaching people, folks.

So, move on to the next event.

4. Choosing track for next sem

I already chose 'Information Science' / Sains Maklumat as my specialized track for next sem. From what I saw from our course's guide, we still need to learn AI in that track. Maybe it was one of the sub-track under AI, I'm not sure. My brothers didn't recommend me to take the network track, though at first I am, because they said network is already overrated and overcrowded (since more people would rather choose network because it was mostly hands-on) and it was something you can learn on your own. They said that, not me.

So, here I am. At your service, AI.

5. 2019 Planner

So, last but not least, here is my planner for this year that I bought online. It was much cuter from the previous planner, I'm totally in love. 💖💖💖

So, that's all from me. See you in the next update. Wassalam.

best wishes, 

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  1. Rajinnya pergi fandom events and meet ups. I have yet to get a chance to join anything like that.

    1. maybe one day you will!
      saya pergi pun sebab transportation is easy, (we have commuter station next to our uni.)