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Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

Last study week, I picked up some good habits despite being the laziest person ever existing on earth.

This entry is supposedly to give guide and motivation to myself. So if I've ever feel like I don't want to study, I can just refer here, hehe. Especially for study week, when every thing is really free (no lectures, no labs, etc). If this entry did other people motivated too, then I guess... it's good?

I did my best for my third semester examination. My pointers for semester 2 are dropping a bit, though it's still at 3-pointer mark, but still, and I can't risk losing more from now. I don't want it to go lower from what I already did. Absolutely, no.

Some people just can't study in their own room due to:

  1. Many distractions and lack of surveillance
  2. Losing control over our social media usage (especially if there are free Wi-Fi), which end you up by browsing instagram or twitter or etc more than browsing your lecture notes
  3. In my case, a lot of my friends are really into games (you know what games)
  4. PLUS, nobody's even going shout at you if you overslept (yes, I'm looking at you, mom).

My friends and I are no exceptional either, we complained about ALL of this, a lot.

But I have a change of heart on the last minute. I wanted to do my best, so I won't regret anything when examination's are all over.

Even though I did messed up a lot in my exams. Uh, nevermind. Just... tawakal. I studied and did my best though.

All of this tips are very, very, common, I know, of course I know it, but I still want to remind my (rather forgetful and extremely, painfully, lazy) self.


The most important thing is to never give up. Never give up if you feel like it's already too late to study. As long as you're not stepping your foot in the examination hall, it's never too late. Try to minimize time-wasting things and do what you're supposed to do, even though it's last minute.


Try to set-up your study mood three or four days earlier from the paper you'll be taking. Throw your smartphones away, they are the deadliest thing ever (of course don't throw your smartphones away, I didn't mean it literally). As for me, I totally leave all that "fandom" stuffs behind and pay full attention to myself.

And don't hesitate to leave everything you fancies behind at all no matter how inviting it is, because without you realize, you'll find so much more about yourself, because before this you tend to pay no attention to yourself, you're paying attention to something else. You are caught in something you thought will bring you satisfactory, but actually it's just something that you mind "made up" to avoid doing the real things.

Sacrifice is an effort, and having the effort is important, and you'll gain something much more valuable than all the things you fancies.


You might have a study figure or role models. Classic examples are Hermione from Harry Potter and Rory from Gilmore Girls. Nearby examples to you are the friends in real life who are really passionate about studying. Try follow their footsteps. Learn how did they get their "passion". Or, if you are really into Youtube videos (like me), you can find many Youtubers that can motivates you to study.

Here I compiled a few videos that I always go to if I wanted to get into my "study mood", My Study Pill.


Try to finish your assignments as soon as possible. Nobody wants to be bothered by assignments when you are in the study zone. In case if your assignments is yet to finish, try to manage time as sensible as possible (like half of the allocated time doing assignment, half of the allocated time doing revision). Don't be too focused into studying until you're neglecting your assignments, and don't be too focused into doing assignment until neglecting your study. TRY TO BALANCE THINGS, BE SMART.

And never ever take your assignments lightly. In certain cases, if the dateline is extended until all the examinations are over, don't procrastinate your assignments and think like "Oh, I can do it after all this exams are over! Yippeeee~" DO. NOT. EVER. You will regret it. Trust me, I learnt it the hard way. Do your assignments step by step, bits by bits, everyday, just like the paragraph above. Do it, even though you still need to study, and remember to balance your time.

If you have no assignments to attend to, wahhh, you are lucky. *claps* Then, start studying.


Do not jolly molly holly dolly during the long papers gap. As soon as you finished the paper, you need to set your mind on the next paper right away, no matter how long the gap is. THE MOST DIFFICULT THING EVER IS TO STAY FOCUSED. In this era of social media, we are really, really easy to get distracted.

If the papers you take have no gap between them, you need to keep in mind before you even start the examination that you need to somehow divide your time into studying both subjects. Avoid focusing too much to only one subject because I'm afraid that you won't have enough time to study the other one. Like I said before, balance your time, BE SMART.


Pray a lot. Getting closer to Allah. Qiamuallail. Perform solat hajat after Isya' if you feel you're not confident in waking up Qiamullail. But of course Qiamullail is better, but I'm implying to people who have a hard time to wake up even after the phone screaming at you (because I am one of them, honestly). My solution to not being able to wake up Qiamullail is to sleep at my dorm's surau. If you had to pick something good or better, of course you would pick something better, right?


If you feel tired, of course you can take a rest. Not the I-studied-for-a-good-thirty-minutes-and-now-I-am-tired-maybe-I'll-continue-tomorrow kind of tired. What I mean by tired is when you feel overwhelmed after studying hard, feel like there's too many things accumulated in your head, or feel like everything you read can't be registered in your head anymore. That's the time you can take a rest, or perhaps find inner peace. Maybe read Mathurat or read Quran. If it happens to be on Friday, recites Al-Kahfi. Read the translations along because who knows if it happened to be related to what you are currently feeling at that time.


Do not just stick in your room. Go out there, just do anything. Jogging, walking, etc. Enjoy the good air that you always pay no attention to. Just do it even if you have to do it alone. If you going out there exercising, your body will release some hormones that will make your mood turns good. I read it somewhere, and it somehow works for me.

A view I took in UKM.


Do not forget to eat. Eat regularly, take care of your health. Drink a lot of water too, more than you used to drink (who cares about the uncontrollable urge to pee?) Stay hydrated. Everybody wants to be as healthy as they can during examination, and nobody wants to be a weak little malnourished chicken when answering their exams. 


After a lot of hard work are put into studying and crushing your exams, you need to know that YOU DID YOUR BEST. Leave everything to Allah. He will never waste your efforts. He is much more drawn into your efforts instead of your results. Maybe you are not blessed with a good pointer, but He will reward your efforts for your long-term benefit (maybe getting good jobs, or anything else that only He can afford to give).


Everyone has their own way to study, and for me, when it comes to study, I don't use the term "study hard, study smart". I just use the term study smart, because for me, study smart is actually studying hard without getting stressed or overwhelmed, and that's what I'm trying to prove and achieve.


And last but not least, you need to actually DO IT. GET IT STARTED RIGHT AWAY. Don't procrastinate your time anymore, stop delaying things. I know everybody have the urge to study but they are not motivated enough to actually start it. In which, ended you up feeling guilty in every thing you do because you are not doing the things you supposed to do. No matter how much you tend to avoid that, but the only way get over the "guilty" feeling is to actually DO IT. Start to DO what you are feeling guilty of not doing, there are no other helpful solutions apart from that, isn't it?

You can watch My Study Pill videos, especially the last two videos (from Mensutra), he was really good at pushing people to actually start doing things.

Hope this helps! (especially myself)

best wishes, 

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