Usrahmates and I

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Assalamualaikum and Hi to all.

Earlier this semester we did shift the usrahmates, so I met a few not-so-new members among us. Our مربي is changed too, and I'm happy to spend time with my new members, including our مربي and her chubby bumbum 7-months-old child hehe.

There was a daurah just before the study weeks begin, and I can't put it in words how it was such a blessed weekend I had in a while. Maybe even the pictures can't tell it.

The time spent together is much more valuable than just a measly picture. 

Day 1: Going to Masjid Putrajaya and UTM

Day 2: Going to "Happyland" Sak Dato for mini hiking :3

Above are from my camera. Below are from my friend's.

Me wondering if there's a fantasy land at the other side of the hill.

This entry turns out to be very short compared to the one that I used to write. Oh well. I accidentally deleted most of the pictures. Here is the one that magically remained. Blame my insufficient phone storage.

In case anyone curious, here's my reflection blog.

Let's meet at another entry. Wassalam.

best wishes, 

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  1. asalamualaikom?awak UTM juga ye?
    saya pun dari UTM juga,usrah juga ahahaha selamat berkenalan :D

  2. alhamdulillah for the blessed friendship. may it last forever =)

  3. Alaa lama da tak pergi hiking :'( tengok korang ramai2 p hiking, bestnya. Nanti plan nak p tapi tak tahu bila

  4. Selalu cemburu tengok friendship orang yang join usrah ni. The sisterhood usually looks so fun.

  5. I love your sisterhood bond. And I want to say, wow, that view!! Cantik betul masha Allah.

    Anyway, may you have a great week :)

    1. thank you! nice view, right?

      you too, have a great week!