Letters to God: A Book Review (and accidental personal rant. I'm sorry!)

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

I've read this book a while ago, but yes, I'm just being typical me, that is too lazy to update on time.

Anyway, let's get started.

Title: Letters to God

Author: Nurhafsah Hamid

Year / Genre / Language: 2018 / Fiction  / English


Letters to God is about a journey of a young girl named Sarah in trying to find her footing in a challenging world. An introvert by nature, Sarah struggles to balance her work, life and her spiritual longing while trying to adapt to her new surroundings. She found friendship along the way and also experienced hostility and heartache. Not knowing who to turn to, she decided to rant and rave to her Creator.

This is a story of how a young girl, who made a decision to write letters to God, telling Him of all her worries, and pain. She believes that one can talk to God at any time, any place, even outside prayers.

My review:

I'm really into the idea of writing letters to God. While reading this, I thought I read a diary of someone but the different thing is, this person address it to God. Instead of "Dear Diary", here we have "Dear God". A creative way to let out your feelings as you are talking to your creator, instead of addressing everything to your non-living diary.

And I totally can relate to most of the stories here. It feels as if I'm reading my own diary or something. Diary. Girls. Inseparable?

A quick note: This is the story about Sarah, a Malaysian girl who pursued her studies in University of Reading, UK, majoring in Law.

I read a review someone posted on that well-known bookworm website that she's quite disagree with Sarah since Sarah can't get along with the girls from Malaysia and more comfortable interacting with the non-Malaysians. It's hard to put it into words, but in this case, I'm with Sarah. Sorry "whatever-your-name-is".

That person is against Sarah's opinion for being extra close to the non-Malay friends. If she were living outside the country, she preferred to be with a group of people from her own country(Malaysia). If she were Sarah, she would stick herself around the Malaysian cliques(group of people). I do agree with that, since you are more comfortable with people of the same origin as you. Nothing more joyful than hanging out with a group that is totally the same as you, physically and culturally. But WHAT IF the Malaysian clique that you met there actually is the group of people you can't simply get along? To give you example so you can totally understand her feeling is, imagine your group project partners (or any group you used to be in before), and recall back one of the group you wish you won't contact them again because you somehow feel so out-of-place every time you were with them?

That's how her feeling was.

Unless you are someone who are just... don't care that much.

To me, it's just sick sticking to a group of "so-called-friends" just because you don't want to be seen as loner or just because you want to milk out every ounce of benefit from them.

In this case, Sarah just met the WRONG Malaysian clique. The 'judgemental' clique. If she were to meet a decent and non-hypocritical Malaysians, she wouldn't feel so alienated like she used to write here. I feel bad for her in some ways.

You can clearly see the difference when you're in the group that's generally accepting you for who you are versus the group that demands you to struggle to the point of sacrificing your real self/identity just for the sake of blending in.

And it's not about how she kind of 'biased' towards non-Malays, but it's about how Malays, who came from the same country as her, who share the same ethnicity as her, were treating her. 😭 How could they treated her like that.

Oh my. I didn't intended to write essays of my personal rants. But I just did. 🤦🏻‍♀

Of course this book is not only about how specific people treated her, it also contains a lot of daily incidents in life, like, what makes her extremely happy today, what makes her extremely nervous, unforgettable encounter with some people, her impression on the people  she interacted with, you know, normal diary stuffs.

And it's interesting reading different opinion and perspective of life from different person. To induce your philosophy knowledge, you know. (?)

A good light reading to top-up your belief in God. I suppose.

I'll give 3.7 / 5 stars.

best wishes, 

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  1. serious i love the coverrrr

    1. ikr? thats what drawn me to buy the book, after reading the synopsis of course :)

    2. that would be me as well. sometimes i bought all the books because of the covers hahahha

  2. this book seems interesting! where did you buy it btw? :)

    1. I bought it from pesta buku antarabangsa KL at PWTC a few months ago! :D the publisher is that well-known imanshoppe by the way :)

  3. Thank you.. sekarang ni memang tengah usha few books from iman publication. salah satunya buku ni.. :D