Keep Breathing.

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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi, since I've been away for time from writing my blog, I thought this is the right time to actually begin writing again. About my life. Since I've always posted book and movie reviews, it's getting kinda boring, is it? Plus, I never reviewed any book or movie. I just fangirled about them lol.

Some of you might already read my depressing entry I posted several months ago. You know, about how my laptop was stolen and I was in the verge of depression and so on? I've deleted the post since most of people seemed concerned about me including some friends in real life. I feel somewhat embarrassed. Saya tak nak menagih simpati. I feel horrible when making people worried about me. I'm okay. I'm perfectly fine. It's just that sometimes, I can't help being emotional, and that's that. From now on, I'll try to be more sensible on what I'm going to write, I vowed to myself.

Sometimes after that depressing entry, I posted Crown of Midnight book review which sounds all fine and alright and okay, because I wrote that entry wayyy before the depressing entry, I just hold back from publishing it before. I just tell you in advance, in case people wondered how my mood can change so drastically. I published it later after the depressing entry because at least if anybody reads it, they would assumed I was already fine.

As for now, I enjoy the stress-free social media-free lifestyle that I lived right now. It's a huge success if I perform it at home, during this long holiday, I noticed. I totally disengaged from that kind of "world". I don't even bother to check social media or getting hyped if any notification popped up. I'm already getting quite... bored of that.

Excepts for youtube, where I keep updating my Lunar Chronicles playlist and replay it over and over again, or getting awestruck with The Lunar Chronicles movie trailer. It's just that. I remembered there was this one day that I totally cut off any connection to my phone and laptop for a whole day, and only enjoyed the company of books, books, books, foods, and my mom. It was such a precious leisure. It couldn't be better. Some people said, "Disconnect to get connected", and I'm really implying that to myself right now. That's the proper way of living life. Make sense that people that do not depend too much on technology leads a more peaceful life. Takde koyak sana sini.

It feels like finally I can really breathe.

I hope that answers why there's rarely any update coming from me, either from this blog or my social medias.

But as for now, of course I'm connected back to my laptop and my phone. Else, this entry won't be published!

It occurred to me, I'm not really sure whether I can still breathe or not once I stepped my foot in the workplace industry. Of course I don't forget that. I'm just at the beginning. I am stepping to a stage of preparing resumes, conducting final year projects, internship, and stuffs upcoming final year students would do. It's just a beginning. And after years from now, when I look back, I would say the same thing to anyone that are about to get started too.

That reminds me. I conducted an interview with a Chinese HR from an IT company, because it was one of the task from my class. And she was really, extremely nice. At first, when I sent emails to like 20+ of companies to propose our research, she was the only one replied and agreed. I can't help to be overly happy because I thought our research project would be doomed (only one out of 20+ companies replied back). I acted like a secretary of my group, keeping in touch with the company's representative and setting a suitable time and date to do the online interview (via Skype), though I don't think I've done a good job. I even Googled how to write a business email and how to write a professional reply so I could leave a good impression. I was such a noob and I know it, but at least that's the most sensible way I could think of.

And during the online interview, she was very patient with us even though we had some technical difficulties during that time. You know I have a tendency to be panic when something goes wrong. But Alhamdulillah, everything went smooth after that. We exchanged thank you emails the night after the interview. She was so sweet. I know she's a HR and not an employer, but I wish I can meet more employer that treat people as kindly as her. I've read a lot about great employers and nasty employers, and I can't believe I'm only a few steps away from that reality. Well, just a random thought.

It's been a while since I can write a sincere things about thoughts that came straight from my mind. I always find myself missed and enjoyed doing this so much. It's like an honest one-to-one talk, where I didn't even flinch or hesitate to say anything.

And the only suitable medium is this blog.

best wishes, 

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  1. good you are back and all the best for your new journey =)

  2. I am sorry for what had happen to you and am glad that you are back.