Miss Me?

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Assalamualaikum and hello to all!

I'm finally back after totally lost touch with this place, wow, me being a typical chipsmore is not a joke.

It's hard to believe I'm already in my 3rd year of my degree, I have like several months to go until I go into the industry and like a year to go before I graduated? Time sure flies.

Anyway it feels good to be back. Even though I will probably gone for another several months, after this. Yes, all of you are already getting used to it. You know the drill. The usual drill.

It's semester break right now but I have like a week remained here at my home? All those three weeks were well-wasted, thank you. In a good way, of course. I've got to spent so many quality times with my family. What else could I asked for?

I considered part-time job, of course. But I feel like, I need to do other things? Like, improving my driving skill? Because I haven't drive for a long time. The last time I drive with literally half-confidence was after SPM, when I took my driving license. That was the last time. My sister gave me her Kancil since she got a new car, and I am sorry to that Kancil for being an ignorant owner. From now on, I try to gain the confidence back, slowly and steadily because I hate to rush.

And I already halfway in my final year project. For those who are familiar with computer sciences and its branches, I took Information Science as my main track, which is a sub-division from AI (artificial intelligence) and my project is involved with Natural Language Processing. Since this area is not widely known yet (at least among my friends), I'm having a hard time explaining, haha. It's complicated to explain, but it is much more easier to do. At least if you have a basic in Text Processing. Now, now, I'm sure some of you will think "What in the world she's babbling about," but well, *sigh* ...all I can say is, I'm working with Python. Yup. If you ever know what Python is... because some of my friends... even... don't know... what Python is. Yeet.

Since I have a week left here at home, I thought about making the remaining days count, by regularly updating this blog. Though I have no plans whatsoever on what to post about... welp, I figure it out somehow. Trust me. I'm joking, don't trust me. This might be the last post before I gone again next time, lol.

So, that's all. See you soon! Wassalam.

best wishes, 

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